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The Drivers and Auto Mechanics Associations of Slovenia (ZŠAM Slovenija) already held the 36th national championship of professional drivers, at which also the Brce-team showed its skills in manoeuvering, overcoming and avoiding obstacles.

The Drivers and Auto Mechanics Associations of Slovenia (ZŠAM Slovenija) already held the 36th national championship of professional drivers, at which 40 competitors competed in manoeuvring, overcoming and avoiding obstacles. The bests from the Slovenian National Championship qualified for the World Championship, which will take place in Zagreb in the autumn.

The drivers, who turn the steering wheel every day and earn their living this way, competed in the categories of a delivery vehicle up to 3.5 tons, truck over 5 tons, bus and tractor truck with a semi-trailer. In addition to the excellent knowledge of turning the steering wheel, all competitors also had to pass the theoretical part of knowledge of road traffic regulations.

This year, the annual national championship of professional drivers attracted 40 competitors who showed their driving skills and competed for a place in the Slovenian national team. Despite the rainy weather, the route was carefully prepared. With good organization, we witnessed exciting fights and a pleasant meeting of professional drivers.
The drivers competed as a team and individually. For the team participation in each category, the interested teams had to register three drivers in advance, and the team result was the sum of the results of all competitors in the team. The number of teams was not limited, either by category or in total The individuals or teams could compete in one category only. The performance of all team members was automatically counted for the ranking among individuals.

The success in the competition was assessed by the commission based on the rules adopted specifically for this purpose by awarding the penalty points to the competitors for any mistakes made in the theoretical and practical part. The sum of penalty points from both parts of the competition formed the final result of each competitor in a specific category. Thus, the fewer penalty points a competitor gathered, the better his ranking was. The leader of the competition was Branko Praznik, a chairman of the commission.

Also, the Brce team participated in the competition and showed the knowledge and skills behind the steering wheel. They won first place for the best team and second place among individuals. In September, they will proudly represent the company Brce at the World Championship.

Once again, sincere congratulations to the boys and good luck in Zagreb!



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