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Competence building training within the Brce project

As part of the E-BRCE operation, the contractor DEMAR d.o.o. on 26.05.2022 and 31.05.2022 conducted training for us to raise competencies in the field of electronic commerce.

We took a closer look at the areas of Internet marketing adapted to new regulations and the (in) security of digitalization.

The aspect of the client and the point of contact on various actual cases of practical use and how this affects the activities of the company that wants to acquire and / or retain the client were presented in more detail. Various ways of Google optimization with concrete examples for our company were presented, as well as internet marketing from the point of view of social networks and ways of successful promotion of the company on YouTube.

The work process itself and the necessary mutual coordination of processes were presented with examples of good practices, which also showed their impact on different phases and aspects of the buying / selling process itself.

The Personal Data Protection Directive (GDPR) was further clarified, where we learned about the newer rules on personal data protection, especially in terms of consent and the purpose of data collection.

With the acquired knowledge and competencies, employees will be able to use new tools as efficiently as possible to achieve new successes of the company.

“The investment is co-funded by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.”


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