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About our company

Our story reaches back to the year 1999, when brothers Tadej and Matej bravely decided on a business way, the main activity of which was transport and moving across Slovenia, which we performed with vans and trailers.

Probably we all remember the "super school days" when they brought us pizzas for lunch? These were also one of the beginnings of our business operation - pizza delivery to schools.

»Do not be afraid to grow slowly, be afraid to stay in place «

Following the above slogan, after the successful development of business in Slovenia, we accepted a courageous challenge and expanded our business operations to other European markets, where we are still strongly present today. We gradually specialized in the transport of small and time-limited shipments – COLLECTIVE and FAST deliveries.

Over the years, we have made many changes, but something has remained the same all the years
we want to act quality, honestly and with heart!

Tadej Brce 


Matej Brce


Through the history


Two brothers, Matej and Tadej, purchase their first van, set up the company Tadej Brce s.p. and start transporting by van and trailer around Slovenia. They find their first customers in the trade, food industry and furniture industry, as well as in package delivery. In parallel, they use all their free time for services such as moving, towing, caravans towing, transport and removal of construction materials, furniture installation etc. Even at that time, their motto was constant accessibility and availability - 24/7.


Transport of complete and collective shipments, removals with vans and trailers in Slovenia and the beginning of transport abroad.


Purchase of the first new van in order to minimize possibility of defects that may mean a non-reliability and negatively affect the quality of the service provided. The fleet consists of 5 vans.

Brce, prevozi in storitve d.o.o. DOSTAVA V 24 DO 48 URAH Hitra Dostava Zbirna Dostava Skladiščenje


The beginning of business operation in new business premises, which include a traffic office, warehouse and parking lot. Increasing emphasis on fast, complete and collective transport across Europe.


The foundation of a new company Brce prevozi in storitve d.o.o.. A new move to larger business premises, which combine a traffic office, a warehouse and a parking lot on the common location. The fleet comprises 15 vans. The main activity of the newly founded company is the transport of complete and collective shipments across Europe. Fast delivery in the time of 24 hours. Delivery of collective shipments in the time of 72 hours. Target shipments from 100 to 300 kg and 1 to 2 pallets.

Brce, prevozi in storitve d.o.o. DOSTAVA V 24 DO 48 URAH Hitra Dostava Zbirna Dostava Skladiščenje


The company employs more than 50 workers. Our fleet includes over 40 vans. Most of the vehicle fleet consists of vans with a tarpaulin and a capacity of 8 euro pallets and a load capacity of 1,100 kg. Over 18,000 shipments are delivered annually.

Brce, prevozi in storitve d.o.o. DOSTAVA V 24 DO 48 URAH Hitra Dostava Zbirna Dostava Skladiščenje


The growth continues - the company is one of the most promising Slovenian companies in the field of international transport by vans. With its team of employees, the company transports 20,000 shipments across Europe annually. The trust that the company builds at its partners is growing day by day.


The purchase of the first vans with assistance systems such as Active Cruise Control - automatic maintenance of the distance to the vehicle driving in front, EBA - automatic emergency braking, Line Assist - maintaining the direction of the vehicle, Carplay and Android Auto. The annual delivery of shipments exceeds the number of 24,000 shipments.


The annual delivery of shipments reaches the number of 30,000 shipments.


We have prepared the Sustainable Business Strategy of the Brce company 2021-2026.


For a quality performed service it is important to provide a team of professionally qualified employees that are constantly training, as well as the continuous growth and development in all areas of our business.
We also take care of reliable transport by constant modernising of our fleet, which are the main trumps that we look with courage into the future and adapting quickly to changes in the market. In doing so, we follow the goal the goal of the excellently performed service and the satisfied customer.
performed deliveries
satisfaction and reliability
years of experience
quality and friendliness






Customer Feedback

last time, when we needed to pick up the goods, we decided for you and we were very pleased with your quick response and service provided. Thus, I would like to obtain your offer to coordinate our further cooperation.
Brce, prevozi in storitve d.o.o. DOSTAVA V 24 DO 48 URAH Hitra Dostava Zbirna Dostava Skladiščenje
Nina Štefe
Čas za kavo d.o.o.
Thank you very much for your quick response. The driver is already in our company. I look forward to our further cooperation. Best regards,
Brce, prevozi in storitve d.o.o. DOSTAVA V 24 DO 48 URAH Hitra Dostava Zbirna Dostava Skladiščenje
Tjasa Razboršek
AR PRODUKT, d.o.o.
Brce d.o.o. is one of the few companies that has an orderly and transparent way of doing business. We have been cooperating with them for more than 5 years, both in the field of tires and car parts. Working with such a partner also ensures the success of our company.
Brce, prevozi in storitve d.o.o. DOSTAVA V 24 DO 48 URAH Hitra Dostava Zbirna Dostava Skladiščenje
Samo Bešter
Bartog d.o.o. Trebnje

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